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How to Use Call Waiting in FaceTime

People are asking, „Can you get incoming calls while on FaceTime?“ Yes! With FaceTime call waiting, accepting incoming calls and putting your FaceTime call on hold is easy. When someone calls you while you’re on a FaceTime call, you have two options: End & Accept or Decline. If the calls are both FaceTime Audio (FaceTime without video) or one is a regular phone call, you’ll be able to Hold & Accept. This fast tip will show you how to answer calls and place calls on hold using FaceTime call waiting, so let’s dive in!

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How to Use FaceTime Call Waiting

We’ve already gone over how to make a FaceTime call, how to make a group FaceTime call, and how to mute audio and pause the video in a FaceTime call. For more great Apple device tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day. In this example, I’m already in a video FaceTime call with Sarah. Rheanne is using FaceTime to contact me.

  1. To reject an incoming call and continue your current FaceTime call, tap Decline.
  2. To end your current call and connect to the incoming call, select End & Accept.

If you and everyone contacting you is using FaceTime Audio, or one person is using a regular call, you will also have the option to place your current conversation on hold while you take the incoming call:

  1. To place your current FaceTime call on hold and answer the incoming call, select Hold & Accept.

Using call waiting options in FaceTime is a great way to juggle multiple calls. Now you can use call waiting when you need to! For more great FaceTime tips, like how to pause the video in a FaceTime call, sign up for our free Tip of the Day newsletter.

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