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So spielen Sie Live-Fotos auf einem Mac ab

Sie fragen sich, wie Sie Live-Fotos auf einem Mac aktivieren können? Das Abspielen eines Live-Fotos auf Ihrem Mac ist schnell und einfach. So zeigen Sie ein Live-Foto in der Fotos-App auf einem Mac an.

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Why You’ll Love This Tip

  • View Live Photos in two easy steps.
  • Play Live Photos on a Mac to view them on a larger screen.

How to View Live Photos on Mac

Live Photos, or live pictures, as some people call them, are three-second moving pictures taken on an iPhone 6s and later. You can play a Live Photo on your iPhone or iPad, but you can also view them on a Mac. For more Photos app tutorials, check out our free Tip of the Day.  To use this tip, you’ll need a Mac running OS X El Captian or later.

  1. Open the Photos app and click Live Photos under Albums in the sidebar. 
  2. Double-click the Live Photo you want to play and click the Live button in the corner, or press Option-Space Bar on your keyboard. 

Your Live Photo should now play for you. If you like taking and viewing Live Photos, you might also like to learn how to turn a Live Photo into a video or GIF, share the GIF to Instagram and Facebook, and even use a Live Photo as wallpaper.